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Use of the KDE4 Live CD is allowed.

Kubuntu 6.10

Kubuntu is my Linux Distro of choice. Kubuntu is based off of the wildly popular Ubuntu Desktop Linux Distro. The only difference is that instead of using GNOME, it uses KDE. If you want to run a server using Kubuntu, the easiest way is to install the Ubuntu Server Distro and from the command line do apt-get install kubuntu-desktop as root. Check them out at http://www.kubuntu.org.

Firefox 2.0

My name is Dan Keenan, and I have been invited to post to this blog. Firefox 2.0 came out recently, and that will be our focus for today. Firefox 2 features a new default theme that allows you to view the names of the tabs when you have many open. It also has built in phishing protection. The Live Bookmark feature has been improved to allow you to use a different aggregator. Download Firefox 2.0 today!

Where DLOTD is going

Ok , so heres the deal .. .Dlotd has been kinda dead for a while … but it’s BACK (WOOT!) I have asked my friend Dan Keenan to write for me and you should see some posts from him pretty soon …We have also made a Wiki to keep an archive of all of our great software at Floss.wetpaint.com and there is a form on there for submitting applications …if you have any questions please email either me at leachim6@gmail.com or Daniel at Keenan.Dan@gmail.com

TinyApps …Little apps with a big punch

I have been browsing the web recently …as I do and I found this great site…its called TinyApps.org …You might have heard of it…
basically its a bunch of cool little apps that are all either free or open source and are smaller than 1.4 megs (the size of a floppy)

You are probably thinking “How good can apps be if they are only 1 meg” …short answer Very
Long Answer:They are very nice because they have only the features you need , download fast , and are not bloated and complicated
very cool site check it out at TinyApps.org


Gom Player

Ok so I was just browsing the web…as I tend to do and I came accross this cool player caleld GOM

The site claims that it will play any format that you throw at it and it has many advanced features

…and let me tell you …the site does not lie …it played everythign I threw at it …

I tried all of these

  • WMV
  • Xvid
  • H.264
  • Mp4
  • Mp3
  • Avi(windows video)

as you can see it plays a lot also it has a bunch of really cool features too..including many skins
Check it out

License:Proprietary/copyright (C) 2006 Gomplayer.com

Ok also one more thing…now I am only going to include small image with every post …but I will have a bunch of images for each app in my own hosted photo gallery at
Dlotd.gallery.net.tc so make sure to check there for tons of images

Dl-otd Vibe Streamer

Check out this really cool Music streaming app I found
It is called Vibe Streamer
Its only a 2 meg download …once you install it it sets up a small webserver on your pc on a port of your choosing It has a built in flash player and you can listen to your music Anywhere you have internet access
It really is great 

check it out




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